Explore 30 best gift for new year husband

best gift for new year husband

Finding the perfect holiday gift for your husband, especially after being married for a while, can be challenging. If you’ve encountered the “anything will do” response after asking him, the task becomes even more daunting. Fret not, as we are here to help you explore a range of gift ideas for your beloved spouse, ranging from practical necessities to unique artworks. Relax and let us guide you in discovering the ideal present.

Custom Family Portrait Painting

Give a gift that is uniquely tailored to your relationship. A custom family portrait allows you to choose any picture, perhaps capturing a memorable family trip. This personalized touch adds sentimental value to your holiday gift.

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custom family portrait painting

Smart Wallet

Opt for a smart wallet featuring practical card slots that pop out at the touch of a button. Its thin profile and various color options ensure you find the perfect match for your husband’s taste. Consider including a wallet tracker to help him keep track of his finances effortlessly.

Portable Blender

For the husband who enjoys smoothies, a portable blender is an excellent gift idea. Whether he’s at work, the gym, or on the go, this gadget allows him to whip up his favorite beverage effortlessly. Ensure you choose a portable blender that is powerful, durable, and of high quality.

Massage Gun

Show consideration for husbands whose work demands physical strength by gifting them a massage gun. After a long day, this thoughtful present allows him to unwind and rejuvenate physically and mentally. To go the extra mile, offer to give him a massage whenever he desires.

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You can never go wrong with a stylish pair of sneakers as a gift. Elevate your husband’s style whether he’s heading to the office, meeting friends, or hitting the gym. Choose a pair that aligns with his taste while ensuring comfort is a priority.

Insulated Tumbler

For the husband who enjoys working out, playing sports, or embarking on outdoor adventures, an insulated tumbler makes an excellent gift. It serves as a constant reminder to stay hydrated and ensures he has a refreshing drink by his side.

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Craft Beer Subscription

When faced with the challenge of finding the perfect gift for a hard-to-please husband, consider a subscription service like Craft Beer Club. They’ll deliver a case of 12 or 24 premium beers from across the country, allowing him to enjoy a brewery-hopping experience from the comfort of his own sofa.

craft beer subscription

Personalized Cutting Board

Show your husband kindness with a thoughtful and practical gift—a personalized cutting board. Engrave it with his initials and a short message to motivate him to create delicious dishes in the kitchen.

Wireless Earbuds

Ideal for husbands who love music on the go, wireless earbuds with features like noise cancellation, spatial audio, and a stylish design make for a perfect gift. Ensure they are comfortable for extended use, allowing him to enjoy his favorite tunes hassle-free.

Scented Candle

Give your husband a well-deserved break by enhancing his home workspace with a fragrant candle. Choose an aroma that suits his preferences from a variety of options, making his surroundings more pleasant.

Dog Portrait

Capture the essence of your husband’s lifelong furry companion with a personalized dog portrait. This realistic depiction will undoubtedly bring joy to him and make a charming addition to your home.


Thoughtful and practical, sunglasses are a great gift for an outdoor enthusiast. Opt for a stylish design that elevates his look while providing protection against harmful UV rays.


Elevate your husband’s daily attire with a stylish necklace. With various designs and materials to choose from, select one that complements his style, making it the perfect special accessory.

Customized Puzzle

A cute and sentimental gift, a customized puzzle featuring his favorite vacation spot or a cherished moment together, provides both entertainment and an opportunity for bonding.

customized puzzle

Skincare Collection

Encourage self-care for your husband with a high-quality skincare collection. Choose products suitable for his skin type to help him maintain healthy-looking skin as part of his daily routine.

Sports Event Ticket

For the avid sports fan, a ticket to his favorite sports game is an exciting and simple gift idea. Purchase and print your own event tickets to build anticipation for game day and create lasting memories.

Romantic Retreat

Treat your husband to a serene night in nature, a perfect gift for both of you if the hustle of everyday life has kept you busy. It’s an excellent opportunity to reconnect and a delightful way to welcome the new year together.

Personalized Funko Pop

Invest around $40 in a customized Funko Pop figurine for your husband. Selecting the perfect outfit, shoes, and accessories will make it an accurate representation of him. This fun and charming gift can proudly adorn his office desk.

Memory Foam Slippers

Help your husband indulge in small comforts he might overlook, like a cozy pair of memory foam slippers. Now is the ideal time to show some care and treat him to comfort for those moments of relaxation.

Mini Projector

Consider a mini projector for your spouse who enjoys movie time. Transform his binge-watching into a cinematic experience, creating an opportunity for quality time and strengthening your connection.

Father Vector Art

Commission a personalized father vector art for the father of your children. Customize it according to his preferences, perhaps using a picture of him and his kids from their younger days. It’s a heartfelt gift that will evoke cherished memories.

vector art

Smart Watch

For the husband always on the move, a smartwatch is an ideal gift. Choose one with features like a heart rate monitor, step counter, and voice control. A lifesaver when his job limits phone access, it keeps him connected on the go.


Everyone appreciates smelling good, making his favorite cologne a thoughtful gift. Consider providing him with a high-end fragrance he’s been eyeing—it’s sure to thrill him.

Dash Cam

Ensure your husband’s safety on the road by gifting him a high-quality dash cam. Eliminate blind spots in his car, offering peace of mind during his journeys.

Electric Trimmer

Pamper him with the gift of a smooth shave. Whether for trimming or grooming, an electric trimmer with ceramic blades ensures a clean job without harming his skin. Don’t forget to include a quality shaving cream.

Mobile Game Controller

Perfect for the gaming enthusiast, a mobile game controller is an ideal husband present. It snugly fits his favorite phone games, making it a portable and convenient accessory for gaming on the go.

Snack Assortment

Indulge in the holiday season’s spirit of overabundance and occasional indulgence by putting together a snack assortment. Include his favorite treats and introduce some new ones for him to savor. This thoughtful gesture is perfect for his holiday break binge-watching sessions.

Portable Power Bank

Ideal for the husband who travels for work or embraces outdoor adventures, a sturdy power bank is a considerate gift. It ensures that his phone stays charged while he’s on the move, providing a reliable source of power.

portable power bank

Nintendo Switch

For the gaming enthusiast, the Nintendo Switch is an unbeatable choice. This portable gaming console offers a perfect outlet for blowing off steam with a game. Its dual remote controls enable shared gaming experiences, making it a gift that benefits both of you—an excellent two-in-one solution!

Father Pencil Sketch

A pencil drawing portraying your husband as a father is among the most heartfelt gifts. It becomes a cherished heirloom for your family and adds a unique touch to your home decor, capturing the essence of fatherhood beautifully.

Imagine encapsulating a moment, memory, or shared passion in a personalized artwork, a timeless keepsake symbolizing your bond. This isn’t merely a gift; it’s an enduring expression of your connection.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can present an extraordinary piece of art tailored specifically for him? Explore the diverse customizable options at Memorialize Art today. Their skilled artists can capture the essence of your husband’s personality or commemorate a special shared moment, creating personalized masterpieces that truly speak volumes.