Dog gift for Christmas: 9 Ideas you dog will love and appreciate

dog gift for christmas

As a cherished member of the family, your pup deserves a special treat beneath the Christmas tree. But what to give a dog who seemingly has it all? Aralva is here to spark your creativity with 9 unique Christmas gift ideas for dogs.

With the holiday rush fast approaching, your to-do list may be growing as rapidly as a playful Great Dane puppy. There’s a house to tidy, a feast to plan, shopping to complete, and the list continues. Despite the hustle and bustle, I relish every moment. It’s a time to treasure loved ones and express gratitude for the blessings they bring to my life.

One of the ways I demonstrate my love and appreciation is through thoughtful gifts. And for my friends and clients who are proud dog parents, including a surprise for their furry companions brings me immense joy.

While there’s certainly nothing amiss with classic presents like a new collar or a box of toys and treats, I find great satisfaction in gifting items that are not only distinctive but also promote a dog’s well-being. Curious about what those might be?

Well, fasten your Santa hat, because I’m about to unveil my list of 9 dog Christmas gifts. Some are what you’d expect, while others might raise eyebrows, yet they all promise to enhance health and happiness. What better way to show your love for your cherished canine this Christmas?

I want to emphasize that every item on this list is personally handpicked, used for my own dogs, and adored. I don’t receive any financial incentives for recommending products that aren’t part of my own collection.

Before we dive into gift ideas, here are a few considerations to help narrow down the options:

– Is there something specific your dog (or your friend’s dog) could benefit from, improving their day-to-day life?
– Are there any allergies to take into account? Or perhaps a tendency toward pancreatitis or acid reflux, which might affect food or treatment options?
– Are there any other medical conditions that could impact their enjoyment of a gift?
– Is the gift safe for the dog?

So without further adieu, I present (see what I did there) 9 dog Christmas gifts that are sure to delight your dog.

1. Dog Nail Grips:

These specialized grips enhance the natural traction provided by a dog’s nails, restoring their confidence in mobility.
It might sound too good to be true, but here’s the lowdown on how they operate: Dogs utilize their nails like soccer cleats to gain traction on various surfaces. However, hard nails struggle to find purchase on slippery floors like hardwood. This can lead to slips and falls, especially for dogs who are weak, arthritic, or have an abnormal gait. The consequence of sliding and potential falls can result in a fear of hardwood floors or, worse yet, injuries to the back, neck, or legs.

The solution to this predicament lies in ToeGrips, rather than socks or boots. Using dog boots for traction isn’t recommended, as they cover and inhibit the dog’s natural gripping mechanism – their paw and toenails.

Once ToeGrips are applied, your dog can wear them consistently both indoors and outdoors, making them a fantastic aid for mobility. There’s no need to constantly remove and reapply them. Instead, depending on the dog, you’ll only need to replace the ToeGrips every one to three months.

For additional strategies on preventing slips, feel free to explore my blog, “Tips to Stop Your Dog Slipping on the Floor.”

dog nail grips

2. Orthopedic Dog Bed:

If you’re in search of gifts that enhance a dog’s comfort, an orthopedic dog bed is an excellent choice, suitable for dogs of all sizes. While it’s true that some senior dogs may prefer the coolness of wood or tile floors for sleeping, I firmly believe that every dog deserves a plush bed.

Dog beds come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Over the years, my clients have reported various beds as their dog’s favorite, but orthopedic dog beds undeniably take the lead – especially for senior dogs or those showing signs of arthritis. These beds often feature memory foam mattresses designed to support a dog’s painful joints. Some even come with cooling mattresses, providing an extra level of comfort.

While dog beds are a favorite among my clients and a personal preference for senior dogs, each dog seems to have their own favored brand and style. You may need to engage in a bit of trial and error to find the one that suits your dog best.

3. Doggie Ramp or Stairs:

Adding a ramp or stairs for your dog, alongside a new bed, can be a thoughtful holiday gesture focused on injury prevention. As we transition from the years of youthful invincibility, we realize that safeguarding against potential injuries is crucial for a high-quality life!

These accessories significantly ease and enhance the safety of a dog’s movement between couches, beds, decks, and cars. They serve as a genuine lifesaver for senior dogs, TriPawds®, or those with joint concerns. Furthermore, they provide a practical means to assist your senior dog with arthritis at home.

Stairs aren’t just beneficial for older dogs; I believe they make wonderful gifts for younger dogs too. You’ve likely heard the saying “prevention is the best medicine,” and I wholeheartedly agree. Repeatedly jumping on and off elevated surfaces puts strain on a dog’s joints and spine, and there’s also a risk of injury during these leaps and landings.

Introducing stairs at an early age offers two advantages. First, it’s likely that some dog training will be needed to teach the skill of using the ramp or stairs. Similar to crate training, it’s much wiser to instill this skill in youth rather than trying to teach an old dog a new trick when it becomes a necessity. Plus, you’ll be preventing years of potential wear and tear on your dog’s joints.

doggie ramp or stairs

4. Nightlight:

For a small, yet thoughtful purchase that can make your dog’s life easier, consider a nightlight. While many dogs may have superior night vision compared to us, they still seem to appreciate a nightlight to aid in navigation.

This is especially true for senior dogs who may have developed vision issues or experience restlessness at night due to canine cognitive dysfunction (commonly known as doggie dementia or sundowners in dogs).

But even without these conditions, a nightlight can promote relaxation in your dog and reduce nighttime anxiety in seniors. I’ve had numerous clients report a positive improvement in their dog’s ability to settle down overnight simply by making this small adjustment to their environment.

5. Thermometer and Petroleum Jelly:

I’ll admit, I was that kid who wasn’t thrilled about receiving practical gifts at Christmas, like a new toothbrush or underwear. So, it’s with a touch of humility that I suggest a thermometer and petroleum jelly as another practical gift that could come from Santa Paws.

Though this might not align with the typical idea of a perfect present, it’s actually one of my favorite Christmas gifts for dog lovers. And here’s why: most people don’t have (or know the whereabouts of) their pet thermometer. Thus, this simple gift holds real value!

I strongly recommend that all pet owners include a thermometer and petroleum jelly in their doggy first aid kit. Body temperature is one of the first vital signs to assess when your dog is unwell. And in certain cases, having the ability to measure your dog’s temperature at home can be lifesaving.

thermometer and petroleum jelly

6. The Fear-Free Nail Trimming Online Mastercourse:

For those who dread or know someone who dreads the task of trimming their dog’s nails, the Nail Trimming Without Fear Master Course is a fantastic gift option. Nail trims often pose a common challenge for both dogs and their owners. However, this should be a regular part of every dog’s care routine without inducing stress.

With the help of this course, you’ll acquire simple techniques to confidently trim your dog’s nails in the comfort of your home. Even the most intimidating nail trims, such as those involving dark-colored nails, can be accomplished in a fear-free and positive manner.

Consider this practical and uplifting mastercourse as a unique gift for yourself or a friend. While you’re at it, you can also acquire my dog nail trimming kit. Together, the course and kit will equip you with everything you need to complete the task without any undue stress or worry.

7. Handmade Dog Treats:

In the spirit of our earlier, distinctive Christmas gift ideas for dogs, let’s explore something more traditional. Every year, I endeavor to come up with a new homemade gift concept. Personally, I believe there’s something especially heartwarming about these types of holiday presents.

For our furry friends, what could be better than a batch of delectable homemade treats? After all, to many of our canine companions, food is a powerful expression of love!

The internet abounds with delightful recipes for homemade dog treats. As an added bonus, some of these treats can be enjoyed by humans too! Among my preferred recipes is the “Pup-kin Holiday Dog Treats” because they’re straightforward, customizable in terms of shapes and sizes, and highlight canned pumpkin as the star ingredient (more on that shortly). Regardless of your choice, I hope you relish discovering a recipe you adore and bringing it to life.

(A word of caution: Ensure that the ingredients you use in your creations are safe for dogs. Many recipes call for items like pumpkin and peanut butter, which can be quite appealing. However, it’s crucial to scrutinize these products for potentially harmful ingredients like xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. Note that xylitol is sometimes listed as birch sugar.)

handmade dog treats

8. Vet-Approved, Safe Dog Chew Toys:

Gifting safe chewing toys to dogs is a classic idea, but it’s important to emphasize the word “safe” here. Not all items labeled as dog chew toys are suitable for a dog’s dental health or digestive system.

I recommend a select few safe and approved dog Christmas toys and treats, including:

– Veterinary Oral Health Council-endorsed dog treats and toys designed to combat plaque and tartar.
– Planet Dog’s rubber dog toys.
– GoughNuts chew toys.

I highlight these specific chews because they address a dog’s natural chewing instincts without compromising their health. Moreover, many of these chews contribute to good dental hygiene.

My reservations about other chew toys stem from their potential to cause obstructions (such as hard-to-digest rawhides), pose choking hazards, or lead to tooth fractures (like antlers for dogs). I wouldn’t want your dog’s Christmas gift to result in an emergency trip to the hospital.

9. Canine Dental Care Kit:

Before you dismiss the idea as mundane, let me share my reasoning—especially after admitting that I never quite appreciated a new toothbrush in my own stocking.
While you’re diligent about brushing your own teeth, it’s likely you haven’t made it a habit to brush your dog’s teeth. For most, it’s an overlooked practice.

So, why not kickstart a new routine in the coming year? And what better way to be equipped for this change than by gifting a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste?

Suitable for dogs of all ages, a toothbrush symbolizes the gift of dental well-being. And oral health is just as vital for our cherished dogs as it is for us. Not only does good oral hygiene contribute to a healthy mouth, but it also plays a role in:

– Regulating appetite and weight
– Lowering the risk of heart and lung diseases, liver or kidney issues in dogs
– Reducing the potential for prolonged inflammation and its adverse effects on the immune system

Thankfully, as dog parents, we have a powerful tool against dental issues: regular tooth brushing. By attending to your dog’s teeth daily, you can remove plaque while it’s still soft and fresh. Consistent plaque removal impedes bacterial growth in the mouth, preventing the buildup of tartar (hardened plaque that’s harder to remove).

By gifting a toothbrush to a dog and learning how to properly brush their teeth, you’re providing them with the long-term benefits of sound oral care. It’s akin to investing in a savings account! By maintaining your dog’s oral health, you’re likely to reduce the severity of dental problems over their lifetime. This translates to fewer dental procedures and tooth extractions.

As an added perk, gifting a toothbrush also introduces an enjoyable bonding activity into your daily routine. My dogs adore having their teeth brushed! They relish the taste of the doggie toothpaste and the one-on-one attention they receive from me. Plus, they always receive a special, healthy treat after we’re finished.

It’s crucial to note that using specialized “doggie” toothpaste is essential. If you’re wondering about using human toothpaste for dogs, the answer is a firm no. Human toothpaste can pose a health risk to our beloved pets.

canine dental care kit

A Bonus Gift for You:

Fear not, I have a Christmas gift suggestion for you too! If you’re in the market for something delightful and dog-related, consider finding the perfect journal. Opt for one that appeals to you, so it encourages regular entries. Journals serve as an excellent repository for recording memories and amusing anecdotes about your dog, offering a source of joy and laughter on even the toughest days when revisited in years to come.