Heartfelt ways to express gratitude through nanny gift for christmas

nanny gift for christmas

Welcome to December, the most stressful month of the year. Work deadlines, present shopping, Christmas events, all on top of your normal load. If you employ a nanny, a Christmas gift is probably somewhere on your to-do list. But what?

Should I give my nanny a Christmas gift?

As the holiday season approaches and your gift list grows longer, your thoughts turn to your nanny. You might wonder whether it’s necessary to include your nanny in your gift-giving. The answer is a definite yes. Your nanny undoubtedly deserves a Christmas gift. Consider the extensive effort they’ve invested throughout the year in caring for your children, maintaining your home, and assisting with various tasks, including:

  • Handling laundry tasks
  • Maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in the house
  • Preparing nutritious snacks for your children
  • Running errands and making special trips
  • Engaging with your children through play, teaching, and attentive listening
  • Managing school drop-offs and pick-ups and extracurricular activities

And these are just a few of the responsibilities your nanny likely handles. Their contributions have likely eased the holiday season for your family. Amid longer work hours, school breaks, holiday preparations, gift shopping, and all things related to the holidays, your nanny has worked diligently to make Christmas enjoyable for your family. Given their dedication and hard work in your household, it’s only fitting to consider giving your nanny a Christmas gift. This is a valuable opportunity to express how much their efforts mean to you.

express gratitude through nanny gift

Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Your Nanny

So, you’ve decided to include your nanny in your holiday gifting. Fantastic! But what’s the ideal gift? We understand how overwhelming it can be to add another person to your list during the busy holiday season. Selecting a suitable gift for your nanny requires thoughtfulness—you want to demonstrate your appreciation and emphasize how much you value their dedication. A generic gift won’t suffice.

We recognize that you want your nanny to feel valued, but the holiday season can be stressful and chaotic. Adding one more gift idea might feel like a burden. To alleviate this, we’ve compiled a list of considerate gifts that any nanny would genuinely appreciate. Our collection of top Christmas gift suggestions for nannies will undoubtedly bring a smile to your nanny’s face.

Choosing the right christmas gft for your nanny

Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Nanny

Holiday Bonus:

While a holiday bonus isn’t mandatory, it’s a customary practice in the nanny industry. Skipping a holiday bonus could potentially make your nanny feel undervalued. Offering a holiday bonus serves as a heartfelt thank-you for their dedicated work throughout the year.

Holiday bonus amounts usually range from 1 to 4 weeks’ worth of salary. The specific amount depends on factors such as whether your nanny works full-time or part-time, your location, and your family’s financial situation. Consider what amount aligns with your family’s comfort level when choosing a Christmas gift for your nanny.

Gift Cards:

Who doesn’t welcome the convenience of gift cards? Consider your nanny’s interests and preferences. What movies or cuisines do they discuss? A gift card to their favorite restaurant reflects your attention to their likes. Self-care is often overlooked, so present your nanny with a gift card for a soothing manicure, pedicure, spa day, or any activity you’re aware they’d enjoy. Moreover, after ferrying kids and running errands, their car might use some pampering too—a car detail makes for a practical Christmas gift.

Gift cards

Personalized Touch:

Nothing conveys knowledge and appreciation like a tailor-made gift. Personalized items can be found in various stores, but we’re keen on supporting these small businesses. Aralva provides amusing and relatable nanny accessories, from t-shirts to tumblers. In search of an assortment of nanny-themed t-shirts, stickers, tote bags, and phone accessories? A personalized holiday gift from these shops will surely warm your nanny’s heart.

Personalized touch

Paid Time Off:

We’ve emphasized it before: your nanny’s dedication is commendable. A superb Christmas gift is extra paid time off, offering a well-deserved break for rest and rejuvenation. Several reasons to consider this:
Extended family visiting during holidays? Extend a few paid days off to involve your family while giving your nanny a break.
Out-of-state family? Facilitate their visit by covering airfare and extending paid time off—thoughtful and generous.

Thoughtful Gift Basket:

Reveal your familiarity with your nanny’s preferences by crafting a gift basket. Fill it with their cherished items, such as tea, wine, mugs, books, coffee, snacks, candles, planners, notebooks, bubble bath, and face masks. Options abound—simple for you, delightful for your nanny.

Thoughtful gift basket

Comfort Essentials:

Ease your nanny’s work with comfort essentials for your home. Slippers, cozy hoodies, and comfy shoes make practical holiday presents. For outdoor activities with your kids, warm outerwear shows your consideration.

Homemade Sentiment:

Remember, homemade gifts hold immense value. Involve your children in the process, having them draw pictures, color cards, or assist in baking. Sentimental gestures, like a framed photo of your nanny with your children, also resonate.

christmas gifts with nanny

Remember to Gift Your Nanny for Christmas

Above all, don’t overlook your nanny this Christmas morning. Arriving empty-handed might leave them hurt and bewildered. Acknowledging the time and stress your nanny saves you, and the care they extend to your kids. Express your gratitude and care.

We hope we’ve lightened the load in finding a last-minute Christmas gift for your nanny. Any effort you invest in their gift will be appreciated, so don’t fret too much. Share your ideas—what are your favorite Christmas gift concepts for nannies?